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02/12/2019 16:12


“17 years ago, we had an idea to design Vietnam Expo in HoChiMinh City as a place to connect local and international events in which the aim was to attract developed economies for investments and transfer technologies to local corporates in different industries. That has made up progress”, said by Ms. Nguyen Thu Hong, Deputy General Director – a representative of the Organizers (Vinexad) about the path towards Vietnam International Trade Fair.

Market demands always change

VIETNAM EXPO 2019 has ever the largest scale with 850 businesses from 20 countries and territories, displaying on an area of ​​10,000 m2, equivalent to 900 booths that will connect with about 20,000 visitors, within four days, from 4th7th Dec, 2019 at SECC Exhibition Center, HoChiMinh City.

The term ‘connecting business’ has increasingly been popular, creating core values in trade promotion activities such as fairs, exhibitions, and seminars. One of measurements to evaluate the performance is the size of participants’ quality of products and services. Vietnam Expo has delivered both two elements in the message "Diversified & Specific".

To increase the efficiency of connections and identifications of 850 businesses in fundamental manner, VIETNAM EXPO has designed specialized exhibitions in various areas with different decorations, especially the International Exhibition of Hardware & Hardware Handtools (HARDWARE & HAND TOOLS EXPO); the International Landscape & Gardening Exhibition (GARDEN & LANDSCAPE); VIETNAM ELECTRICAL APPLIANCE EXPO. The series of events have been strongly supported by ministries and branches, trade promotion organizations, domestic and foreign trade associations, making the event influential to business community. 

sVIETNAM EXPO will be participated by representatives from countries and territories such as UK, India, Taiwan, Germany, Korea, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Russia, Japan, the Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Thailand, and Switzerland, China, America and so on. The National Pavilion are annually installed:

-          Korean Pavilion: Participating in 15 years makes Korean businesses understand profoundly local market demands and they will showcase products such as: electrical equipment electronics - consumer electronics; educational equipment; cosmetics & beauty equipment; food, processed drinks, health care food by more than 120 representatives from provinces and cities where the well-known industrial and technological parks are located such as Seoul, Suwon (Gyeonggido), Incheon and Daejeon. According to rough statistics, about 850 direct trade transactions were made at the fair in 2018 thanked to the preparations in advance by those who had experiences in working with Korean businesses (about 68%); and new enterprises, especially in HoChiMinh City.

-          Indonesian Pavilion: Indonesian style installed pavilion will deliver chances to customers to access high quality products such as canned food, non-prescription pharmaceuticals, especially, skincare line made by Indonesians will present the unique values ​​of rich natural ingredients of Indonesia. The exhibition area was organized by the collaboration of the Indonesian Ministry of Trade, the Indonesian Embassy to Vietnam and directly conducted by the Office of Commercial Attaché. In an effort to strengthen the bilateral trade balance, the Indonesian Ministry of Trade has established an Office of Trade Attaché work together with Indonesian Embassy in Hanoi in early January. Participating the event proves endeavors of the Office of the Trade Attaché in promoting market expansion, connecting shared aspirations and opportunities with the fast-growing and vast industries of Indonesia as well as strengthening people exchanges to reach bilateral trade benefits worth US10 billion by 2020.

Electrical appliances - Competitive advantage once taste of customers understood

Vietnam Electrical Appliance Expo will take visitors to a special space of 100 typical brands from the two wealthiest  provinces of China: Guangdong & Zhejiang.  The consumer electronics industry is one of the dominant strengths of China’s products which has been applied research & development with aim to increase competitiveness – the key to success of the brands. The will also be participations of well-known corporates such as Sichuang Electric, Lijie Electric, Dingrun Electric, Weiwang Technology. Among 100 participants there will be 30% enterprises having original equipment (OEM) in product group: Kitchen appliances, bathrooms, Electrical appliances, Environmentally friendly appliances, and accessories. The pavilion aims at introducing new products in 2020 which will be eco products, energy-saving technology, integrated voice control and temperature sensor. Additionally, the arrangements of meet-ups with local manufacturers from cities, importers and e-commerce companies. Such meet-ups will increase efficiency of end users, avoiding secondary transactions.

Hardware & Hand Tools Expo - development of mechanical industry leadership taking

The International Exhibition of Hardware & Hand Tools (HARDWARE & HAND TOOLS EXPO) has been held together with VIETNAM EXPO in four consecutive years. The exhibition has  the most growth in scale and the most exciting transactions in the specialized exhibition chain. 400 booths (30% up compared to 2018) as the consequence of previous successful outcomes. The Government has a long-term plan on developing the mechanics as foundation for industrial development, in which the group of priority products will be mechanical engineering, non-ferrous metals, spare parts, shipbuilding, new materials. The Hardware & Hand Tools Expo is a good chance for accelerating further development of the mechanical engineering industry in general and the competitiveness of local companies demonstrating their inherent potentials. Top brands from Japan, Germany, Spain, America, Europe, India, Taiwan, South Korea will be attractive for their qualities, designs, features and durabilities. Hardware & Hand Tools 2019 received the registers of more than 1,000 meet-ups in advance.

GARDEN & LANDSCAPE is a part of a series of garden tools and DIY (Do it yourself) products of the Hardware & Hand Tools Exhibition. As the name of the exhibition, fields of the industry and services in landscape design, construction and green space will be introduced to experts,  community and individuals have passion of beautiful life through changes and improvements of their surrounding environment. The Garden & Landscape Exhibition has been profoundly supported by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development; Association of Vietnamese Architects; Retailers Association (AVR); Vietnam Association of Ornamental Plants; Vietnam Gardening Association and National Institute of Architecture.

There will be combined activities: Workshop on “Green Space - Green Future” with the participation of experts, leading architects on Green Space Design and Application.

The seminar on “Solutions to improving quality and productivity for businesses in 4th IR” will focus on topics that businesses are interested in smart production trends, continuous management systems in business - ISO2230, solutions to quality and productivity improvements.

The “DIY experience - LIKE TO DO FURNITURE” program will be an interesting activity as visitors will join the process of making wooden items by themselves with instructions of experts and professional machines to create “made-by-me” products. The interactions of visitors will motivate the DIY trend - Do it yourself of the vintage furniture.

The event series was organized by VINEXAD Company with 44 years of experience, led by a professional organizer of domestic and foreign trade promotion activities, especially specialized exhibitions. VIETNAM EXPO scale 900 booths of 850 businesses from 20 countries and territories expected to welcome about 20,000 visitors in four days, from 4th – 7th Dec, 2019 at SECC Exhibition and Convention Center., HoChiMinh City.

All information is updated at website and official Fanpage of Vietnam Expo in Hochiminh

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